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We want you In-Novatia!

Always wanted to know how we (Novatia) create our music? See what's going on behind the scenes? Talk with us about music, lyrics, artwork or anything else and be involved with the band? Or share us your thoughts, emotions and inspiration as input for our music! Actively contribute your creativity or just sit back, relax and observe it all? Then you want to be In-Novatia!

What's it all about?
In-Novatia is a Whatsapp group of a variaty of people who want to be closer to us, love music and want to be involved and be part of the band. It means, that you as member of the band, get all the new ideas of songs, first drafts of lyrics or artwork and after every rehearsal, previews of new music, jam session or anything we wrote so far. And we need you for input, send us anything what's on your mind or is happend of happening in your live. Come and join us. Send us your motivation to be part of it to: and become a member of In-Novatia.

Second EP released
On the 4th of september 2016, Novatia released their second EP: Reflection Of Thoughts. For only € 10,- (ex. shipping costs) you can order the new EP 'Reflection Of Thoughts' (incl. the first EP 'Remind you of yourself') into a double-disc version. Just send us and e-mail with your contact information at

You can listen to it at: Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Progstreaming

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Upcoming gigs
Date Venue Location Tickets
Sun 5 November 2017 Fluor Amersfoort, Netherlands FREE
Sat 18 November 2017 Northern Prog Festival Siegerswoude, Netherlands € 25,-
Past gigs
Date Venue Location
Fri 22 September 2017 Night of the KOMs Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Fri 22 September 2017 Parktheater (supp. act 'The Gift' Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands
Fri 18 August 2017 Bluescafe Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Fri 7 April 2017 The Pit Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Fri 18 August 2017 Bluescafé Apeldoorn Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Sat 25 March 2017 Cultuurnacht Houten Houten, Netherlands
Fri 17 March 2017 Café De Speeltuin Breda, Netherlands
Sat 24 Februari 2017 De Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen, Netherlands
Thu 2 Februari 2017 Azotod De Meern, Netherlands
Sat 28 Januari 2017 WPC Nederland 3 Wateringen, Netherlands
Sat 6 December 2016 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
Sun 4 September 2016 De Boerderij Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Sat 3 September 2016 Cultureel Festival Baarn, Netherlands
Sat 18 June 2016 Dijkpop Roosendaal Katwijk Aan De Rijn, Netherlands
Fri 3 June 2016 The Box Roosendaal, Netherlands
Thu 2 June 2016 Azotod De Meern, Netherlands
Fri 4 March 2016 Studio Gonz Gouda, Netherlands
Fri 18 March 2016 Finale Geinbeat Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Fri 15 April 2016 Parktheater Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands
Sun 17 April 2016 't Blok Nieuwerkerk Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands
Sat 30 April 2016 Estrado Harderwijk, The Netherlands
Fri 19 Februari 2016 Kleine Prijs van Nieuwegein Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Fri 13 Februari 2016 Tivolivrendenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
Sat 16 Januari 2016 JAMPOP, Poppodium Everdingen Everdingen, Netherlands
Fri 18 December 2015 The Box Katwijk Aan De Rijn, Netherlands
Fri 25 September 2015 EP release at Hoxemacoa Lopik, Netherlands
Sat 5 September 2015 Kleurrijk Uit in Wijk festival Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands
  • Biography

    NOVATIA is the brainchild of Ingmar Kops (synth and piano), Joep Selen (vocals), Joost Lobbes (drums), Fabian van Dijk (bass) and Rindert Bul (electric and acoustic guitars). Having played in various prog/metal bands, these musicians grew tired of creating complex music just for complexity sake... So they took a step back to reinvent themselves. Calling their new project NOVATIA (based on the Latin word “novate”, which means “reinvention”), they started playing more from the heart and less from the mind, searching for the perfect balance between keeping their music interesting while keeping it accessible. By sticking to song structures that are simple and to the point and focusing on an upbeat outlook in lyrics, NOVATIA offers a positive and light alternative in a musical climate often dominated by dark and heavy undertones.

    Using improvisation as a starting point and relying on classic recording techniques in the studio, NOVATIA created an impressive collection of melodic songs that move somewhere between rock, pop, jazz, funk and (neo)prog. These songs flow seamlessly from spherical and progressive soundscapes to energetic riffs or jazzy and funky grooves, while maintaining a sound that always is immediately recognizable as NOVATIA. So far, the band released two EP’s: the debut “Remind you of yourself” in 2015, followed in 2016 by a second EP “Reflection of Thoughts”. A third EP is expected to be recorded and released in 2017.

    In September 2015, NOVATIA released their debut EP “Remind you of yourself” which got many favorable reviews: “Not only this album is wonderful, the production is also top-notch!”, “pure, uncomplicated music combining psychedelic rock, jazz, funk and pop into an interesting blend of styles” (, “The band sets the bar high for their compositions; these guys know how to write a good song” and “skillfully composed neoprog songs that are very easy on the ear” In the studio, the band relies on classic recording techniques. By recording the tracks in one take with all members present in the recording room and without click track, NOVATIA managed to capture the mood and dynamics of their songs and to give the recordings their distinctive live feel. The second EP “Reflection of thoughts” is scheduled for release in September 2016.

    When playing live, NOVATIA is not afraid to take risks and improvise. The band is dead set on bringing across the emotions of the songs to the audience. In 2015 and 2016, NOVATIA played several successful live shows in the Netherlands. Highlights include performances at TivoliVredenburg (Rabo stage), ProgFrog Nieuwerkerk and ’t Parktheater Alphen aan de Rijn (as support of Silhouette). “The band plays versatile music and they don't stick to one genre, playing a real mixture of progressive rock, metal, jazz and even reggae. It was clearly visible that the band enjoyed performing on the stage. The audience really loved their performance, and so did I! This band is a Jack-of-all-trades and a very good live band to watch. I do hope that I will see this band live again very soon!”

    Contact us

    You can contact us at or call us at 06 - 24 624 174.